Tips & Tricks

Here are some CB Radio Tips and Tricks to keep you up with the latest CB Radio Hobby Trends.

  1. Instead of having an interesting conversation like there is a brain in your head, use as many of the following phrases so you sound like a complete burnout:
    “All you mud ducks report to the pond” “Im modulatin your speaker” “I’m back quiet” “I’m steppin” “I’m gettin down with this weekend wave” “Roger D” “Bye bye bye bye bye…” “4 fingers and a thumb” “Back quiet” “Bump Bump” “Beep Beep” “Click Click” “I’m squashing ducks”
  2. Use a peak reading meter so it shows your radio is doing 5 times the power it really is.
  3. When running an amplifier, always overdrive it so you sound like shit and swing backwards and splatter 40 channels either way.
  4. Always use your roger beep so everyone within 5 miles of you can hear it on every channel.
  5. Turn your echo up so it sounds like a retarded person is using it.
  6. After finding a good sound, adjust your power, mic gain and echo every 5 minutes and ask everyone how you sound.