Pittsburgh Area SSB informal net is on channel 36 27.365 mhz LSB every Sunday night from 8-10pm. There is no membership or check in format, just pick a number and check in and tell us what you been up to and how your weekend was. This net helps us keep away the Sunday night back to work/school blues.

Sideband nets are popular over AM since half the power goes twice as far and there is usually less static and interference on SSB.

The original ch. 36 lsb net ran on ch36 up until the late 1990s. The current net was restarted in 2006 by Tombstone in Bridgewater.  Tombstone died in  2008 and Sleepy in Rochester has kept it going since then.

It’s nice to hear folks come out of the woodwork to check in as far as 100 miles away (local signal) and all around the world (signals randomly bouncing around the atmosphere). There are many people we hear from who aren’t on the radio as much as they were back in the day, but still find a way to check in and visit with us and talk about the good old days.