how to build and install a tree mount vertical dipole 27 mhz cb antenna from Jigga Man on Vimeo.

Vertical pvc pipe cb antenna tree mount dipole part 2 from Jigga Man on Vimeo.

If you would like me to build you one of these antennas, email me. Just cover the material cost (are about $20). I can paint it flat black for you so it blends in with the tree, or you can paint it any color you like. This does not include the coax. You can add money for mini 8 coax or supply your own. You can get a 100 foot piece of mini 8 on the internet with ends already on it for around $40. I have used connectors on these antennas, but it has proven much less trouble over the years without a connector on the antenna and to just have the wires soldered and sealed up.¬†You can hang these antennas with weed wacker string or parachute cord. Weed wacker string is cheap and it works the best, just get a color that doesn’t stick out.

This is the coax I have been using lately. You can also get coax locally from Jerry’s in Hookstown, Radio Pro shop in Cranberry and Wood Electronics in Cranberry.

These antennas work well and the entire setup is under $100 and you can blend it into a tree very well. As far as power limitations, I think the antenna will take more than the mini 8 coax, but I have run several hundred bird watts into these antennas and never had any problems yet.

Update 09/06/2017 501 2 Cents asked me to experiment with a J pole version (3/4 wave instead of my 1/4 wave version) so I am gathering materials to build a tree mount pvc pipe J pole for cb radio 27mhz. I’ll post my results as soon as I get the bugs worked out.