CB radio really boomed in the 1970s and 80s. At that time only Donald Trump had a carphone, and CB was a great way to communicate from car to car and car to home, and also from home to home. A good movie to watch to see how it really was back then is Citizens Band. Also, everyone knows Smokey and the Bandit.

In the 1990s, my friends and I all started driving cars, and at that time only rich people had cell phones, so we all had CBs in our cars and houses and we could all communicate very effectively. At that time, I met other kids at my high school on the cb and many other characters along the way, and all those people remain my closest friends 20 years later.

Nowadays in the civilized area I live in, most everyone has a computer phone with facebook messenger on it, so the CB is not the best way to communicate, but most of us still do it for fun. Sometimes signals randomly bounce around the atmosphere from anywhere in the world, and you can talk to some interesting people.

In 2018, when you get out of a populated area, mobile voice and data signals aren’t reliable or there at all, so cb radios are still a good way to communicate. Much of our country and most of our world doesn’t have cell phone signals, so cb and other kinds of radios are needed and still very much in use. If a terrorist blows up our electric or communication grid, we will need to rely on these radios to communicate and save lives.

Truckers and travelers still use Cb radio regularly. About an hour north of Pittsburgh, there is a trucker oriented strip club that advertises over the cb radio. The girls there are interesting to talk to. Click here is their web site.