Welcome to 32 Live

32 ACRESWelcome to our CB Radio Hobby web site. Join Ron, Earl, Footlong with Balls, Soupy, Night Owl, Barnyard Bonanza, Big Gay Rob, Sexy Dave, Victor, Blue Light Special, Steve in Cranberry, Sexy Dave’s Lover, Deliverance Dan and Jiggaman around the greater Pittsburgh Area on CB Radio channel 32 (27.325 mhz) LSB and AM.

Palomar 321 Amp, 8950 tubes.

This is a classic amp, and a personal favorite of mine. This amp has a warm sound all of it’s own that can not be reproduced with any transistors. 1 8950 driving 3 8950s. 50 watt carrier on AM. 200 watts on SSB. This is a swell old amp that would be a really good looking and sounding match for a tram or a browning from that same time period.

My sdr screen on 27mhz

This is my sdr screen on 27mhz.  To achieve complete happiness, some people drink or do drugs, some people ride harleys, some people go to the whore house. I just look at my sdr screen on 27mhz. I appreciate all the pretty colors and I enjoy clicking on and listening to all of the different signals and modes.my sdr on 27mhz