Logbook – Summer 2014

Foreskin Bill – Evans City                                Deliverance Dan – Evans City
Hayfield – Highfield                                         Crispy Critter – Fenelton
Jiggaman – Evans City                                     Big Gay Rob – Mars
Victor - Dormont                                             Barnyard Bonanza – Valencia
Ron – Natrona Heights                                   Soupy – Valencia
Pimpin Ain’t Easy – Butler                              Red Fox – Cabot
334 Mudslinger – Butler                                 Sexy Dave – Cranberry
Mousetrap – Economy Boro                            The Snake – ?
Huck – ?


Dear Doctor Dave – New girlfriend won’t let me beat off to Rocco Siffredi Movies

rocco siffrediQ: My new girlfriend does not allow me to beat off, and gives me as much sex as I want so I am not tempted. Is this fair? John – Evans City

A: Hi John, many men can’t get regular sex and must masturbate or pay for sex. It sounds to me like you have it really good, and have a wonderful girl that wants to keep you happy and satisfied. I have to beg my wife to have sex with me, and she wishes I would just watch porn and get whores so I would leave her alone! Sounds like she is a keeper to me, and best wishes and luck with your new relationship.

Dear Doctor Dave – How big of a water heater for a 2 hour shower?

girlfriend dildo showerQ: Dear Doctor Dave, I bought my wife a dildo so when she is mad at me she’ll use it instead of fucking some other guy. Now she takes it in the shower with her and runs it out of hot water. We have a 40 gallon now. Do you think a 80 gallon would be good? Bill – Connoquenessing

A: Hi Bill, maybe a 125 gallon would do just to be safe. – Love, Dave.