Welcome to 32 Live

32 ACRESWelcome to our web site. Join Footlong with Balls, Soupy, Barnyard Bonanza, Big Gay Rob, Sexy Dave, Victor, Blue Light Special, Steve in Cranberry, Sexy Dave’s Lover, Deliverance Dan and Jiggaman early mornings and most evenings around the greater Pittsburgh Area on CB Radio channel 32 (27.325 mhz) usually lower sideband (LSB), but once in a while on AM as well.

Deliverance Dan’s Antenna Party

brokeback mountain 2Antenna Party at Deliverance Dan’s house
Deliverance Dan chopped up his coax in 5 places with the lawnmower and we need to put together to get him some new feed line.

Rob is donating  LMR400

Jiggaman is donating connectors and soldering skills

Sexy Dave is bringing rubbers

Sexy Dave’s lover is providing moral support

Victor is bringing the peanut butter for the dogs